Young Scientist of the Month - August

As part of our ongoing Curriculum for Excellence work, the Science Departments competition – Young Scientist of the Month continues to be popular with pupils.

There were entries from every S1 class for the first competition in August . The challenge was to research a famous Scottish Scientist and produce a leaflet/poster/power point. This was done with great enthusiasm and enjoyment and the Scientists studied ranged from the well known John Logie Baird and Alexander Graham Bell to Sir Thomas Brisbane, James Watt and James Young. Many of the articles produced are displayed on the walls in the Science corridor and classrooms.


The S1 August winners were :

1a Linzi Kinney

1b Ellie Pitner

1c Louise Marshall

1d Jasmine Graham

1e Jack Carroll

1f Chloe Fleming


Each winner will be presented with a certificate by Ms McCloy (DHT for S1/S2) at Assembly.