M&Ds Reward trip

One sunny Thursday in September, the first years from Kirkintilloch High School visited M&D’s, Scotland’s only theme park. To be able to go on this trip, within an 2 week period we had to get 10 or more merits - which we get for good work, behaviour and homework,-and no demerits. Most of us managed this.
At the start of the day we all met in the assembly hall, chatting excitedly about our day ahead. Soon the buses headed off with most of us singing and cheering nearly all the way there. Once we were in the park we left the poor teachers with all our bags and ran off amidst the rides, people and food kiosk. I went on most of the rides. Sometimes I saw some of the teachers on the rides which seemed a bit weird. They were pretty competitive too particularly on the dodgems!
It was a great day and I hope we can do something like this soon.

Linzi Kinney S1