P7 pupil/parent Open Evening: a huge success

On Thursday 2 October, Kirkintilloch High School welcomed P7 pupils and their parents to an open evening event. Pupils and parents were welcomed by Head Teacher Mr Muir, who spoke about maintaining parental engagement.  Mrs Fraser, Depute Head Teacher, spoke about the aims of the Kirkintilloch High School transition programme. All children are supported, enjoy a positive experience and are prepared for change.  Mrs Fraser also revealed the key dates for transition activities during the session:

Tuesday 2 June 2015: Parent/pupil information evening
Wednesday 3 June 2015: Induction ½ day session
Thursday 4 June 2015: Induction full day
 Friday 5 June 2015: Induction full day
Pupils and parents then enjoyed a tour of the school which was very ably led by senior pupils. Each department was visited, and parents and pupils were able to hear about the different subjects that are studied in secondary school and were able to see learning in action. Most departments had current high school pupils engaged in many different activities, including pizza and cookie making in Home Economics, various sports in Physical Education and clay tile making in Art. Overwhelmingly positive feedback was given from parents with many varied comments such as “we were very impressed by the way that the evening was facilitated”, “all the staff were very friendly and enthusiastic – thank you”, “ excellent evening, well planned and organised”, “daughter now feels more confident about starting Kirkintilloch High School”, “great opportunity for P7 – looking forward to more visits”. As a school, we too are looking forward to more visits.