Tenner Challenge Masterclass

On Friday the 13th 31 S1/S2 pupils took part in a Tenner Challenge Masterclass run by Young Enterprise Scotland.  31 pupils have volunteered to take part in the UK competition and we will be running our own businesses for a month from 23 February – 20 March.  There are 11 different business groups.  We were given an introduction by Rab from Young Enterprise about what was going to happen that day. Then we were put into teams and were faced with our first challenge of the day. We had to come up with a creative name for our first business in which we had to make bracelets from beads. We each took a role from the following; Buyer, Seller, and Maker. The little company was just a ‘taster’ of what a business would be like to run.  We had to make quality bracelets in order to make sales.  Our bracelets could get rejected if they weren’t good enough. The conditions changed unexpectedly and sometimes the supplier’s price would go up, so we had to think ahead to consider what customers would buy, and what we needed in terms of raw materials.  Another activity was that we had to think of imaginative ways of using everyday items such as plastic bags, keys, match boxes and a coat hanger. Some ideas were very interesting. The most unusual use for the coat hanger was to use it as a zip wire handle. It was a fun, enjoyable day which ended with each of us being presented with our £10 (Tenner start-up capital) by Mrs Fraser Head of S1/S2. 

By: Adam Cooper 1W, Kayleigh Scoular 1S, Nicole Culverwell 1S.