Young Scientist Competition

As part of our ongoing Curriculum for Excellence work, the Science Department have continued with their competition – Young Scientist of the Month. 


The S2 March challenge was a research project from the Physics, Chemistry or Biology topics being studied and presented in the form of an illustrated leaflet.


The winners were:                         

2a –     Adam Carr                  

2b –     Lewis Conroy

2c –     Kirsty Mair

2d –     Brodie Black

2e –     Lauryn Fitzpatrick


The S1 March challenge was to research a forensic science technique and to present it in the form of an illustrated leaflet.


The winners were:  


1a - Martin Shields​

1c - Nathan Reynolds

1d - Emma Semple

1e - Louise Connacher



Each winner was presented with a certificate by Mrs Fraser at Assembly and received a Scientist of the Month postcard.