Kickstart Theatre

A play highlighting the dangers of poor decision-making was performed to Kirkintilloch High School pupils recently.Students from first year enjoyed Crossroads, by the award-winning Kickstart Theatre Company.

The initiative, which was created for teenagers, was brought to the school in association with Police Scotland and the campus cop, PC Stevie Shanks.

The play focuses on a trio of teenagers faced with making a number of everyday lifestyle choices.

During the play, the characters experience real life choices complicated by peer pressure and cigarettes. They dice with death by sauntering in front of moving cars. They also set bin fires, commit anti-social behaviour and experiment with cigarettes.

The play demonstrates the negative influence and effect that social media can have on children and young adults.

Kickstart Theatre Company ran through the play twice. The first performance delivered the story in its entirety. The second allowed the audience to stop the lead character as he made each bad choice and, with the help from some volunteers from the audience, decisions were made to make the correct choice.

The session was well received and it is hoped that through this play young people will make better choices and will be less likely to commit or be the victim of crime.