13! The Musical

Pupils at Kirkintilloch High School wowed audiences this week with three performances of “13! The Musical”. This upbeat new musical had everyone rolling in the aisles as we followed the trials and tribulations of our young hero, Evan Goldman as he tried in vain to establish himself with the cool kids at Dan Quayle Junior High.


Evan, played by Ross Jackson, is the central figure who has to overcome his parents’ messy divorce to establish himself in a new town, desperate for everyone to come to his Bar Mitzvah. Along the way he makes friends and loses the same friends as he tries to gain acceptance. All the lead actors performed expertly with beautiful vocals from Rebecca Nicolson as Patrice and brilliant comic timing from the dead pan Ben Hughes as Archie and Ryan Morgan as jock Brett. The cheerleading squad, featuring Dionne Revie and Shannon Graham, provide some Mean Girls moments, capturing the American high school vibe of this show while Brett’s sidekicks, played by Rachel Ross and Ruairi Ferris, are a comedy double act beyond compare.

This show has been a fantastic experience for the pupils and staff involved. Rehearsals have been fun and exhausting in equal measure. The band for the show has been made up of pupils who volunteered to give their time to be part of this fantastic show.