s5/s6 Into Film screening trip

Last week the saw the first excursion of the year for the History department. The seniors had the opportunity to attend the Into Film Festival screening of Selma; a film chronicling the campaign for equal voting rights in the USA. The trip served the purpose of broadening the pupils’ understanding of the civil rights movement, boosting critical thinking and encouraging further engagement through visual aids.

The pupils had the opportunity to reflect on the film and produced some insightful comments:

“The film made feel sympathy towards black people as they were unfairly treated by police, government and society. It raised questions like ‘why didn’t they fight back?’”

“The film was amazing and inspiring. It showed me how a lot of black men and women had died for their rights. It made me think about why black people were getting beaten up and why it took so long for them to gain equality.”

“The film made me feel anger at what the marchers had to go through to get the right to vote. It was also inspiring as it highlighted the real stories of the people involved in the fight for equality.”

A beneficial trip, enjoyed by all.

It may be worthwhile to note that the Leeds Partnership Project: Improving Literacy Through Film has recorded some encouraging improvements in pupils who were regularly engaged in film watching as part of their education. Their findings show:

96% improvement in average pupils’ points progress in reading

60% improvement in average pupils’ points progress in writing

75% improvement in attitude to learning