Scientist of the month

 The S1 December challenge was a research project on the topic “Do you think life could exist anywhere else in the Universe? What would we need to survive?”


The S1 December winners were:                           

1a –        Daniel Geddes

1b –       Kyle Henderson and Ellie Hopkins

1c –        Ben Austin         

1d –       Ronan McKenzie

1e –       Siobhan Lang

1f -         Aliya Reid and Robert Moffat


The S2 December Challenge was a research project in either a Physics, Chemistry or Biology related topic, followed by a presentation to the class, in the form of a power point or illustrated leaflet.

 The S2 December winners were:


2a -         Briony Penrice and Emma Quinn

2b –       Ewan McLachlan

2c -         Daniel French

2d -        Keri Gibson

2e -        Kayleigh Scoular

Each winner was presented with a certificate by Mrs Davie at Assembly.

Further information from Mrs Hay.