Tenner Challenge

This year the Tenner Challenge was taken up by 19 S1 and S2 pupils.  They were each given £10 from Young Enterprise Scotland, to raise as much profit as possible.  The pupils had four weeks for this task, which could be carried out either individually or as part of a small group.

The budding entrepreneurs passionately and feverously went to work, buying stock, advertising their goods, setting up stalls and constantly replenishing with new stock.  To say they were excited and enthusiastic would be a gross understatement!


After four weeks of various enterprise projects, the Tenner Challenge finally came to a conclusion and Mr Livingstone and Mr Cassels declared Daniel Geddes of S1 the winner.  Daniel’s success was down to hard work at lunchtimes selling a variety of popular cakes and buns to sweet toothed pupils and staff.  Daniel worked tirelessly on his stall and this obviously paid off.  Daniel was presented with his winner’s framed certificate and trophy.  He has been invited to the awards ceremony, where he will have the chance to be presented in the presence of his family.