500 word competition

Lonely in a Population of 100,000

Written by Kyle Henderson

Every day I slowly sway in the magnificent breeze that I crave. Our social lives are vague, there are a minute number of methods of communication, sadly a majority of us are anti-social, and I’m included. I stare at the surroundings that are so insignificant to us because we’ll never gain access.

When I was little I enjoyed my existence; I was warm because the others provided insulation, I was closer to the other small beings and I was always clean. Now that I’m exposed to the outer atmosphere which consists of danger and a persistent breeze which now penetrated my outer self and reached me inside. This alters my mental state because I was always panicking about withering up and... well... dying. Also now I have prospered to the top I have lost all contact with my associates, I’m currently suffering from drastic depression, this contributed to my anti-social activity. I have also been confused with my existence; I have never known what species I’ve branched from, I’ve never known my abilities. This has been a detrimental factor mentally; can I be a positive attribute to the world?

I sometimes contemplate “Jumping,” this is a method of eradicating yourself, all that is evolved is a stern tug on your lower torso and you’re gone. I sometimes wonder if this act would have any benefits, would there be any form of afterlife or would I be lost in a vacuum of eternal nothingness. I hope that if I choose to remain a member of the world I can fulfil my status and excel!

If I were to describe me and my peers, my species if you will, we are incredibly long stretching for approximately 17 inches, we’re all brown but when we originally spring above ground we are all blond, I cannot comprehend this because my initial colour was brown, well I’m only assuming. From what I can recall my parents were brown so that is a fraction of my assumption. When I mentioned my parents we consider the inhabitants based around us our parents. I never came within contact of my parents due to their early death, rumour is roaming that inhumane creatures are searching the parameter of our land, it is believed they are called... “Scissors!” I have been informed that they’re menacing creatures; they could tear anyone with ease!

I personally think I’ve reached the climax, I’m incredibly stressed from sheer solitary, I’m virtually alone.

I’m going to do it, proceed with my contemplation, I’m jumping. My reasons are that I’m simply alone, that there is potentiality that I will be impaled with “Scissors.” Also in addition to my loneliness I’m constantly penetrated by the harsh breeze and it effects in various

ways. I’m distraught. So now that I’m leaving I’ll say goodbye and farewell for I have reached my final... *Clip*

Can you guess what I was; all of my interpretations were incorrect.