Senior pupils' 3 day taster


We began our day visiting the underwater unit out in Greenock. We met with officers who showed us the basic equipment that they use to carry out operations when they get a call. We were then shown the boats and vehicles they use to manoeuvre around the country as they are responsible for the majority of the country. We then visited the traffic department next to Ibrox where we were shown the response vehicles and the crash reconstruction team and were given a talk on how they do things and how complicated their job can be. We then visited the Police Helicopter where a member of the crew showed us around the chopper and gave an in depth description on the demands and skills required to be successful in this area of the force. Finally, we went to St Ninian’s High and met with a member of the dog unit and had a short talk and Q&A before he got called away to an operation.


We visited Jackton where Police do training e.g firearms, public order and CID. We met with public order officers who gave us a talk on what they have experienced within their time in the force. We then got hands on with the riot shields and had a mess around with them. In the afternoon we met with fire arms officers who showed us around their very secretive area including the range and a room which they can create situations in. We also got the chance to hold a few of the weapons (un- loaded obviously). We then sat the standard maths entry exam for police officers to gain an insight into how much we need to know in order to join.


On our final day we visited Tulliallan where we got to see officers who were in training carry out practical exercises on random situations which they might encounter. This was really interesting to watch as it tests their ability to cope in different circumstances which they don’t know. We then received a talk from a representative from the youth police Scotland volunteers and what opportunities they offer them.  

Gregg Black 6S