s1 Scientist of the month

As part of our ongoing Curriculum for Excellence work, the Science Departments competition – Young Scientist of the Month continues to be popular with pupils.

Winners for the S1 August and September competitions were:

1a : August – Shefqet Xhela

September – Kyle Larman

1b : August – Rachel Letham

September - Kirk Marshall

1c: August – Ryan Sinclair

September - Lucy Faud

1d: August – Ashley Dolan

September – TBA

1e : August – Rachel McKay

September – Kayla Ewing

1f: August – Aimee Gallagher

September – Brianna Gilles


Many of the articles produced are displayed on the walls in the Science corridor and classrooms. Pupils were presented with a certificate at their S1 Assembly by Mrs Davie. For further information contact Mrs Hay.