Scientist of the Month

 S1 November Scientist of the Month Competition - design a leaflet on a given acid:


1A: Caitlin Sharpe and Lauren Carroll

1B: Megan McCulloch and Leah Killen

1C: Lucy Faud and Chloe Lloyd

1D: Heather Lawson and Stefinie Carrigan

1E: Abby Fisher and Scott Wright

1F: Natasha Stewart and Chloe Tullis

This month's competition was also judged as an Inter house competition.

1st = Solsgirth

2nd = Waverley

3rd = Holmfield

4th = Waverley

S2 November Scientist of the Month:

2A: Amber Monarch

2B: Ellie Hopkins

2C: Kevin Ronald

2D: Kayley Shields

2E: Abbie Bell

2F: Aliya Reid