Zombie Science

On Thursday February 9th, all s2 and s3 Biology students enjoyed a spoof presentation by Dr. Howe from Glasgow University on the Zombie Brain (remarkably similar to our brain) and infectious diseases that affect the brain.

Audience members were invited to conduct brain surgery on a Zombie patient, remove Zombie ticks from a patient's arm, and try out specialised goggles that let you see in Zombie vision. The purpose of the lecture is to convey scientific information on the human brain and its function and brain diseases in a fun way.

The lecture began by looking at the human brain, its parts and what these parts controlled, before looking at the Zombie brain. We discovered the parts of a Zombie brain that control a Zombie’s movement, speech and eating habits.

The “Zombie” diseases Dr Howe told us about were Rabies, a virus based infectious disease, and its affect on the brain and Lyme Disease, a bacterial based infectious disease carried by ticks. Judging by the enthusiastic audience participation I’m sure our S2 pupils found this an interesting addition to their study of Body Organs and our S3 found this supported their study, this year, of the Brain and Nervous System.

Of course, we also learned how to confuse and avoid capture by a Zombie if we ever meet one in the future!