“Cuttin’ A Rug”

On Tuesday 28th Feb, senior Drama pupils went to the see the Citizen’s Theatre’s acclaimed production of John Byrne’s “Cuttin’ A Rug”. The play is the second instalment of the famous Slab Boys trilogy, tracking the lives and loves of the employees of Paisley’s A.F. Stobo & Co, carpet manufacturers. As soon as we entered the auditorium the mood was set with the soundtrack of 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll blasting from the speakers. Right away we knew we were in for an entertaining, high energy night. We were transported back in time through the heady combination of style and humour, planting the audience firmly in the time and place with the characters of the West of Scotland you would expect. All the pupils enjoyed this experience and will be able to use it to great benefit as they prepare for Higher and Advanced Higher Drama exams.

What the pupils said:

“Watching a professional production is an excellent thing to do and is excellent for young people to get to see” – Benjamin Hughes

“The production was extremely fun to watch and it made me feel part of the action the way they performed it. Everything stuck out to me, wonderful work by the whole team” – Carly Weir

“Seeing things live is a lot more interesting as there’s more at stake. You can appreciate how much work has gone into the performance.” – Cameron Hunter

“I enjoyed the trip to the theatre as the experience of viewing the performance has motivated me and gives me lots of ideas for my performance.” – Becky Hopkins

“It’s good to get to the theatre as I’ve never really been to see a proper production outside of big budget pantomimes. It also offers a helpful insight into what a career in acting on stage looks like.” – Reece Durning