Calton Athletic talk

On Monday 27th February, members of addiction recover group Calton Athletic visited KHS to present to our S3 on their experiences with drug addiction and how they overcame this. Along with group leader Willie Burns, S3 listened to the testimonies of three recovering drug addicts. Our pupils learned about the dangerous first steps into addiction, the realities of the life of an addict and the effects upon the family. Our visitors reflected on their lack of understanding and naivety as teenagers on the negative effects of drugs, addiction and the difficulties these can cause, not only to the user but upon family and friends. Andrew from Calton Athletic was certain that knowing the facts and being educated is the key to keeping young people away from drug and other substance misuse. Inspirationally, the testimonies all moved on to how joining the Calton Athletic group and becoming involved in fitness training assisted each of our visitors with overcoming the control that drugs had on them. They spoke about the group’s long relationship with film director Danny Boyle, featuring in both “Trainspotting” films and how the group assisted with technical advice to create a realistic film. S3 were very moved by these stories and went onto a very interesting and lively question and answer session.

S3 Pupil Lynsey Campbell said, “This was a really informative talk and their stories were deep. It showed us the harmful effects of drugs and what it takes to get over addiction.”


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