Buddy Training

On Wednesday the senior pupils of Kirkintilloch High School took part in a buddy training exercise to allow them to recognise the roles and responsibilities that come with being a role model to our new first years. A ‘buddy’ is a fifth or sixth year pupil that takes on the role of looking after and helping a younger pupil by setting a good example and helping them transition into ‘big school’ life, something which can be vastly different to primary school. The buddies are in place to assist pupils in many different situations such as assisting with topics of concern,  helping to resolve disputes, brainstorming ideas, offering practical help, and reaching out to lonely or troubled pupils. During the buddy training class, the senior pupils took part in a range of activities that will help the students to become more aware of and sensitive to the importance of building relationships based on trust, respect and being able to understand each other.

One of the activities the buddies carried out was writing down what it would take for them to feel comfortable talking about concerns and then to put themselves in a first year’s situation so that they understood that younger pupils might find it harder to express their feelings. The seniors then turned to their partners and asked them about positive areas in their lives. This helped set the tone for good listening. They focused on each other’s feelings and were able to be empathetic towards each other, knowing this is the correct way to act towards their buddies. Each senior pupil was awarded a certificate acknowledging the time and effort they had put into ensuring that the first years of Kirkintilloch High School have the best time knowing that they have support behind them throughout their time at high school.

Megan Brown 6P