School of Football

I am delighted to introduce our exciting new School of Football pilot.  From November 2017 we will be piloting a participation school of football initiative for 32 pupils from S1 and S3.

Our pilot group will consist of 32 pupils with places available to both male and female pupils.  There will be 16 places available to S1 and S3 pupils respectively. 

Our vision is to develop a project that will use daily football coaching to develop qualities in our young people that support them to sustain a positive destination on leaving school whether that is at the end of forth, fifth or sixth year.

We strongly believe that participation in our School of Football Initiative will have a number of benefits for those pupils participating:

  • Improvements in Health and Wellbeing
  • Development of a positive culture of aspiration
  • Engagement in a positive school experience
  • Improvements in confidence
  • Improvement in time keeping
  • Improved attendance
  • Development of a culture of personal responsibility

If your child is in First or Third year they will have had the opportunity to apply for a place, if they have not mentioned this exciting opportunity to you please see the attachments below.  If you require further information please don’t hesitate to contact the school.