New Blazers


To parents and carers of pupils in Kirkintilloch High School
Dear Parent/Carer
As we approach the end of the current session, our thoughts and plans are already focussed on next session!
One of the themes on which we have a recurring focus is that of how the community sees Kirkintilloch High School. We work hard to maintain high standards of uniform and constantly stress the importance of high standards of behaviour, not just in school but also in the community.   For the most part our pupils respond very positively and thanks to your ongoing support, we are pleased with the progress we are making.
Our emphasis on the importance of full school uniform has met with great success and we continue to be justifiably proud of the very positive image that this creates, as I am sure you are. This has further enhanced our corporate identity, has brought us in line with the other schools in the area and has enhanced our image and status in the local and wider communities. Attached to this letter is an explanatory leaflet which you may find useful. In addition, in order that you can meet the representative of the company with whom we have negotiated a blazer price of £28, sample its quality, have your child measured and even place an order, we have arranged an open evening on Monday 28 May between 6.30 and 8.15pm.
As ever, I am very grateful for your ongoing support with our work and in helping us to achieve our goals. I hope you will feel able to continue that support in the coming session.
Yours sincerely
E Muir