Art and Design News


Art and Design news

Photography trip
A group of S6 pupils enjoyed a day trip to Edinburgh on Friday 16th November as part of their Higher Photography course.  Pupils were involved in photographing sights of interest as part of a Scottish
Tourism brief to promote tourism in Scotland.  They enjoyed the opportunity to shoot on location and gained a better understanding of the pressures of working to a deadline as a photographer.

Lillie Art Gallery

A number of senior pupils have their work on display currently at the Lillie Art Gallery as part of East Dunbartonshire schools’ Class Acts Exhibition featuring art work from across the authority.  The work
looks fantastic and will be on display until 21st December 2012. 

Campsie View Grotto project

Three Advanced Higher Art and Design pupils were involved again this year in creating Santa's grotto for Campsie View pupils.  Sarah Conroy, Tammy Boyle and Lucy Scott undertook the challenge of transforming the bare room into a winter wonderland for pupils at the school with amazingly artistic results.  Well done girls, your help is very much appreciated.