Holocaust Educational Trust Regional Ambassador

Regional Ambassadors are expected to:

Arrange for at least one Holocaust survivor to visit a local community group or school to share their testimony.

Organise one event in support of the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Attend at least one Lessons from Auschwitz Follow-up Seminar to share their experience as an Ambassador, inspiring current participants on the Project as they start to think about their Next Steps.

Write a blog for use on the Holocaust Educational Trust's website/social media spaces.

Write to their local MP to tell them about the Trust's work, and encourage their MP's support


Standing beside the iconic memorial, I listened to a Rabbi’s words reminding us that we all have the strength in us to make a change. Having had the amazing opportunity to visit Auschwitz, I left with the need to do more to help the Holocaust Educational Trust. After an application process I was chosen to become one of 24 Regional Ambassadors. With only 4 in Scotland the role means taking on a lot of work but I believe it will be worth it. Having sent 12,000 people across the country to visit the camps it means that there are now thousands committed to ensuring the lessons of the Holocaust are not forgotten. With an outlined work plan the Trust hopes that over the course of a year the selected ambassadors will coordinate in large events and activities in their area, and encourage local Ambassadors to have a wider reach in their community. Travelling to Auschwitz changed my perspective on life, it’s a trip that can’t be told, it has to be experienced and by becoming a Regional Ambassador I have the opportunity to raise awareness of this exceptional charity.

Emma Wheelhouse s6