Scottish Youth Parliament Candidate

I’m Rachel, and I believe that the Scottish Youth Parliament is an incredibly valuable establishment for giving young people a chance to express their opinions. I think that young people’s views matter greatly, and I want to represent our generation in making a difference in issues in Scotland and in our community.


The issues I feel particularly strongly about are:
  • Volunteer work. I am personally involved in volunteering, and by working with local volunteer centres and organisations I hope to increase awareness of volunteering and also the opportunities that young people can get involved in. Volunteer experience also looks great on CVs and college/university applications.
  • Work experience. In recent years the number of work experience placements available has decreased in East Dunbartonshire. 92% of young people believe that all pupils are entitled to a work experience placement. I feel that this experience is vital when applying to further education/a job, and I hope to increase the opportunities available for young people.
  • Respect. There are many negative stereotypes linked to our generation, and I want to decrease the negative coverage that the young people of today receive and increase the awareness of positive concerning young people.
I would be accessible and approachable as an MSYP. I am passionate about what I believe in, and very strong minded. I am not afraid to argue on behalf of those that I am representing, regardless of the issue.
Many young people feel overlooked and not part of decisions made in our community, and I want to change this by giving their views a voice.

Rachel Crawford s5