Art and Design news - March

Higher and Intermediate 2 pupils enjoyed an after school textiles workshop on Wednesday 27th February. This supported the work they are currently completing in class on their hat Design units. Pupils were shown a wide variety of new materials and techniques and encouraged to
experiment and create textile samples for their units of work. All pupils gained a great deal from the experience and are encouraged to attend future supported study in the department to contnue to develop their ideas.

A group of S5 and 6 pupils are looking forward to visiting the Glasgow School of Art Fashion Show next week to see firsthand garments and designs created by the art school students. This will be of huge benefit to the pupils who are currently working on a textile design unit and will also give many of them a taste of what it is like to study art and design at GSA.

S1 Art and Design pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with our visiting Mandarin teacher, Lv Hua. She has been teaching the pupils about the culture of China as part of their interdisciplinary Learning project on 'China' as well as showing them painting techniques, paper cutting and helping them to develop their ideas for their clay tile inspired by the willow pattern.