Mercer University Visit

This week the Intermediate 2 and Higher RMPS class hosted a number of American students from Mercer University in Georgia. Students Kevin Eck, Hayley Graham, Lucy Jordan, Caleb Grimm and Chris Shaw visited the class and discussed with them a number of moral, ethical and religious issues. These were very wide ranging from the use of the death penalty in the USA and whether the UK would benefit from it, to ultimate questions such as “who/what created the universe and why?”

On this, S6 Higher candidate Martin Duffy said “the discussion and debate left me feeling inspired and helped me to use the knowledge and skills that I have learned in class in a practical way”.
There were interesting moments of disagreement during the discussions, but always in a friendly spirit of openness and most within the group found common ground. Class teacher Martin Shaw said that he would like to see this visit become a fixture for future years.