Art and Design News

A group of 16 S3 pupils were involved in a very engaging and interesting trip to Strathclyde University Architecture Department as part of their S3 Art and Design experience.  Pupils were introduced to an architecture brief which asked them to design and build a city based on the Italo Calvino novel ‘Invisible Cities’.  Each group was given a different city with unique characteristics and pupils were required to think about space, landmarks, special buildings and cities they had visited in order to fulfil the design brief.  Pupils then had the opportunity to present and exhibit their work in the constructed pavilion within the university grounds.  All pupils achieved fantastic results and displayed excellent skills in teamwork, communication and creativity.  Well done S3. 

Strathclyde visitArchitecture visit

Architecture visit


Folio deadlines are fast approaching in the Art and Design department and we would encourage all senior pupils to attend supported study which is now running Monday – Thursday to accommodate and support pupils.