Yorkhill Children's Foundation

This week Kirkintilloch High School donated £289.27 to Yorkhilll Children's Foundation. The pupils and staff have worked hard this year to raise money for the worthwhile local charity through fundraising events such as bake sales and a lunchtime karaoke. An auction was also held at Christmas time where sixth year pupils were bidded on by teachers to be 'Santa's Little Helpers' for the day. The pupils worked hard for a day just before Chirstmas carrying out jobs such as car washing and tidying up for teachers to help raise as much money as possible for Yorkhill. Ali Reade from Yorkhill Children's Foundation met with a group of sixth year pupils and the headteacher this week to receive the money the school has raised and explain which areas the money will be spent on. The pupils are glad and proud to have helped raise money for a charity that is personal to many of them. We would like to thank all pupils who participated in the fundraising events or donated money and all the staff who donated to Yorkhill Children's Foundation. We look forward to continuing to support this charity in the future.

Annabel Carr (School Captain)