5. Instrumental Lessons

It is an exciting time for S1 pupils in Kirkintilloch High school.  During September S1 pupil will be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through EDC’s instrumental service.

To get involved please email a note of interest to KHSMusicSchool@hotmail.co.uk and we will arrange for a short trial to begin. Please indicate in the email the pupils name, class and which instrument they would like learn.  See below for further details.

As there are some vacancies in the timetable for instrumental music, your child’s year group has been offered the opportunity to apply for an aptitude test.

This will include: rhythm, pitch, coordination and general suitability to the instrument on offer.

The tests are not difficult and are conducted in a relaxed and informal manner.

Instrumental music instruction is a very scarce resource delivered by a team of specialist instructors. It is not possible to offer all instruments in all of our schools as staffing levels do not permit this.

In this school, vacancies exist for the following instruments:

Woodwind (flutes, Saxophones and Clarinets)

Brass (Trumpets, Horns, Euphoniums and Trombones)

Percussion (this includes Tuned Percussion and Drum Kit)

Strings (Violins and Viola)


There is a charge of £165 per year which is collected by the Council through its normal billing procedures in two payments of £82.50. There are exemptions available and details of these are contained in the information given out by your child’s instructor.




For more information see EDC's instrumental service page.