Advanced Higher

This course requires students who are self motivating and capable working independently to complete targets.
The course is made up of two mandatory 40 hour units, a 20 hour investigation and one 20 hour unit selected from a choice of three optional units. In addition there are 40 hours of flexible time.
Mandatory Units
Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Structure function and growth of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells  
  • Structure and function of cell components  
  • Molecular interaction in cell events  
  • Applications of DNA technology
Environmental Biology
  • Circulation in ecosystems
  • Interactions in ecosystems
  • Human impact on the environment
Biology Investigation
You will have the opportunity to select a topic for in-depth study. 
Optional Unit
  • Physiology, Health and Exercise
  • Exercise and the Cardiovascular System
  • Exercise and metabolism 
This course is suitable for students who have attained a Grade A in Higher Biology. 
Course Assessment
To gain an overall award candidates must pass all 3 unit assessments, complete one detailed experimental report, complete an investigation on a topic of their choosing and pass the external exam.
The 2.5 hour exam will consist of multiple choice questions, structured questions, data handling responses and extended responses.