Advanced Higher Physics

Advanced Higher Physics is a 1 year course offered to students entering S6.
The course can be seen as an ideal preparation for University both in terms of the topics covered by the course and by the development of student’s independent learning and investigative skills which are required at University.

The course is divided into 3 units:
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity
  • Waves
Entry Requirements
This course is suitable for those who have gained a pass in Higher Physics.
A pass in Higher Mathematics is strongly recommended.

Each unit is assessed by an End of Unit Assessments (NAB) which must be completed to achieve a final award.
Students must also undertake a practical investigation which will account for 20% of their final mark.
A final SQA exam is undertaken at the end of the course.
Throughout the course, pupils will be continually assessed and progress monitored, with regular feedback from their teachers on their progress and targets set.

Advanced Higher Physics is a useful qualification for students wishing to enter University. While it is recognised by all disciplines, it is especially useful in the fields of medicine, science, technology and engineering. For those students wishing to enter a University in England, it is recognised as an A-Level equivalent.