Biologists help keep our world safe by

  • Combating the effects of climate change
  • Finding new ways to protect crops
  • Ensuring the safety of our food
  • Fighting the effects of environmental pollution
Some biologists work as researchers and technicians in universities, hospitals, research institutes or industry. Other biologists work in scientific support services and become forensic scientists, ecological consultants or biomedical scientists. Many Universities in Scotland now require Higher Biology for entry to Medicine.
Biology qualifications also open the door to many careers outside science such as journalism, accountancy, sports science and teaching.
For those thinking of taking their study of Biology on to further education, taking, 2 sciences is essential.


Biology Staff
Mrs E. Whyte Principal Teacher
Miss D. Forrest  
Why Choose Biology?


Biology is the study of life in all its forms, from tiny single cells to whole organisms.


Biologists make important new discoveries by
  • Investigating the causes of disease
  • Protecting the planets biodiversity
  • Developing medicines and vaccines to keep us healthy