Business Management


Who's Who in ICT and Business Management
There are 6 teachers in the department: 
Room Subjects
Mrs. Dorans (Principal Teacher) FO34 Computing and Business
  FO41 Business
Mr. Livingston  FO35 Computing and Business
  FO42 Business
Standard Grade Business Management:   
Business Management focuses on 4 main Areas of Study. These are identified as:


  1. What is Business?
  2. How do businesses develop and perform?
  3. What resources do business use?
  4. How are business managed?

Area of Study 1: What is Business?

Topics covered:


    • What do businesses do?
    • Why do businesses exist?
    • How are businesses organised?

Area of Study 2: How do businesses develop and perform? 

Topics covered:


    • How do businesses start?
    • How do businesses grow?
    • How do businesses survive?
    • Why do businesses fail?
    • What is a successful business?

Area of Study 3: What resources do businesses use? 

Topics covered:


    • Why do businesses locate where they do?
    • How do people contribute to businesses?
    • How do businesses use information?
    • How do businesses operate?
    • What are the challenges facing business?

Area of Study 4: How are businesses managed?

Topics covered:


    • What are the key decisions that business make?
    • What influences the decisions?
    • What aids decision-making?
    • How are decisions made?
    • How do businesses communicate?