Core Physical Education

Participating in Core Physical Education in fourth year provides learners with the opportunity to refine, develop and demonstrate movement and performance skills in a number of physical activities while considering the important contribution that physical activity makes to living a healthy lifestyle. 
By engaging in practical activities, learners can demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem-solving. 
The course provides learners with experiences that encourage them to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle, and recognise the important contribution that physical activity makes to living a healthy lifestyle. 
Personalisation and Choice
The S4 curriculum is designed to maximise opportunities for personalisation and choice while ensuring that pupils experience both challenge and enjoyment. 
While in S3 pupils are provided with the opportunity to identify their preferred activities from the S1-3 curriculum and new activities they would like to see added to their S4 curriculum. This information is used to develop four different activity pathways for pupils entering S4. Pupils are provided with the opportunity to opt to follow a specific activity pathway.  Pupils should be aware that they are not guaranteed their first choice and that they can not swap during the year because they do not like an activity.
Key areas include:
  • Understanding that physical activity contributes to and promotes learning
  • Develop fitness and physical and mental wellbeing
  • Develop social skills, positive attitudes and values
  • Awareness of opportunities to participate in sport out-with school
To ensure that pupils who opt for this curricular pathway in S4 are still able to undertake a certificated course in S5/6 learners will improve their knowledge and understanding of how to evaluate their performance
Key areas include:
  • Gathering of data to identify performance strengths and developments needs
  • Implement, with support, an action plan to improve performance.
  • Monitor and record performance
  • Seek feedback from others and respond appropriately.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of action plans in improving practical performance
S4 Core Curriculum 2014/15
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S4 Options Card 2014/15
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