All pupils take core RMPS from S1 to S5 for one period per week.

Broad General Education - S1 - S3

S1 pupils begin with a unit called Meeting RE where they are introduced to the literacy skills and discussion based learning that are helping to make RMPS the fastest growing Higher in Scotland. The department then looks at Life After Death as a unit - delving into topics as varied as the paranormal, to cryonics and Valhalla.  The last unit is on religious ideas.

S2 pupils explore why people do things, in a unit called Motivations. In this unit religion as a motivation that underpins many social decisions is studied. Issues as varied as how animals are treated to terrorism are discussed and debated upon in class time and there is a consolidation on the balanced written skills developed in S1.  The second unit explores different ways of life and forces pupils to think critically about the world in which they live. The third unit is on Animals and Food and the morality of farming, hunting and vegitarianism are all explored objectively alongside religious viewpoints on the matter.  These units see the pupils develop the skills required for S3.

S3 sees our pupils become secure in their handling of debate and class discussion. We work hard on our spoken and written literacy and there is a key focus on developing higher order thinking skills during class time where pupils are encouraged to think laterally about moral issues that are as relevant to them as possible. With relevance in mind, our pupils study units on Violence and Isuues of Life and Death as well as the existence of God.