First Year Curriculum

Unit 1 - Mime
Pupils learn different skills and disciplines associated with Mime. This unit introduces pupils to the Drama Department and allows them to work on a series of short activities in pairs and small groups. They then use these new skills to present a short mime play as a group.  
Unit 2 – Voice
Pupils learn about the importance of Voice in Drama and about the vocabulary employed to describe voice. They engage in a variety of exercises to improve their skills and then produce a radio programme as the unit assessment. 
Unit 3 – Characterisation
Pupils are able to combine their voice and movement skills to create a range of characters. This unit allows pupils to use their imagination to create unique characters and also to work on a piece of script, presenting characters created by a playwright. As part of this unit pupils also learn Stage Fighting. They then bring all this work together to present the script “The Quarrel”. 
Unit 4 – Improvisation
Pupils work with a variety of stimuli to create their own plays. In this unit they learn about Dramatic Conventions and Forms. This is the culmination of S1 Drama and gives every pupil the opportunity to share ideas, lead a group and work with others.