Mrs H Reid        Principal Teacher 0.8fte
Mr T McCallum  Teacher & Principal Teacher 0.2fte
Mr D Chappelle  0.4 Teacher

What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the earth’s surface, the people who live there and the way people interact with their environment and each other.  It is a very important subject in ensuring young people leave school equipped with the awareness of the world required to be responsible citizens.  Geography gives pupils the broad-based skills and variety of experiences needed to be effective contributors to modern life.

The department aims to promote general education through the study of geography.  The subject is very relevant to modern life and is perfectly placed to create:
  • Successful learners by being a stimulating, relevant subject catering for all abilities and learning styles
  • Confident Individuals by encouraging discussion and questioning of 'accepted wisdom'
  • Responsible Citizens by teaching about a variety of cultures, the environment and the physical and human geographies from all over the world (the subject has always been ideally placed for citizenship education)
  • Effective Contributors by allowing pupils to voice their opinions in groups and by encouraging pupils to assess their own, and peers', work.