The Higher Physical Education course provides progression from National 5 or Intermediate 2 courses.  Pupils who undertake the course will learn about 3 elements:
  • Structures and Strategies
  • Skills and Techniques
  • Preparation of the Body. 
These elements are delivered through three activities:
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Football
Practical Performance in these activities makes up 40% of the pupils final grade.  One period a week is spent in a classroom completing theory tasks.  Homework is issued weekly to accompany these tasks and assessments are completed at the end of each element.  
Course Units 
Practical Performance (Higher) (60 hours)
Analysis and Development of Performance (Higher) (60 hours)
Course Elements 
Structures and Strategies
Skills and Techniques 
Preparation of the body
Course Assessment
Practical Performance
Overall Award
Internally Assessed 
Analysis and Development of Performance 
Overall Award 
2 1/2 Hour Externally Assessed Exam