Intermediate 2 Drama

Pupils who achieve a General or Foundation pass at Standard Grade or who are wishing to "crash" Drama in S5 will normally join the Intermediate 2 course. This is a very practical course, exploring all areas of Theatre Performance and Production.

The course consists of three assessable units:

1 - Drama Skills

2 - Theatre Production Skills

3 - Production

In the first unit, pupils from Higher and Intermediate 2 work together to produce an original piece of Drama from a given theme. This is presented to an audience of friends and family. Students are assessed on their contribution to the process and individual performance as well as a written evaluation.

The second unit allows pupils to learn about a particular area of Theatre Production i.e. costume, make up, lighting, sound, props or set design. They must then take responsibility for this role in a short extract. Pupils are assessed on their competence in their role as well as their ability to evaluate their effectiveness.

The third unit is the culmination of all the skills learned across the year. Pupils work together on a small scale production, putting together all the elements required. The script is chosen by the class teacher. A visiting examiner attends to watch the performance and assesses each pupil individually. This will make up 50% of the final grade.

Pupils also sit an exam paper based on short scene extracts provided by SQA. These extracts are explored practically and theoretically, allowing pupils greater understanding of the playwrights intentions, relationships, status, staging etc.