National 5 / 4

National 5 / National 4
Pupils who opt for this curricular pathway work towards achieving a National Qualification at the end of fourth year. Pupils are either presented at National 5 (equivalent to Standard Grade Credit / Intermediate 2) or National 4 (equivalent to Standard Grade General / Intermediate 1). This pathway provides pupils with an additional qualification to the eight subjects they choose at the end of S2.
Both courses provide learners with opportunities to continue to acquire and develop the attributes and capabilities of the four capacities as well as skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.
Learners are provided with the opportunity to:
  • Develop practical performance
  • Improve aspects of fitness
  • Maximise activity
  • Maximise enjoyment of physical activities
Learners work both independently and cooperatively to develop thinking and interpersonal skills. This makes physical education an ideal platform for developing confidence, resilience, responsibility and working with others.
The main aims of the courses are to enable learners to:
  • Develop the ability to perform a range of movement and performance skills
  • Understand factors that impact on performance
  • Build capacity to perform effectively
  • Develop approaches to enhance practical performance
  • Monitor, record and evaluate development of personal performance
Course Structure
(Both courses have two mandatory units)
Performance Skills
The aim of this unit is to develop Learners ability to perform practically by enabling them to acquire a range of performance skills. Learners will learn how to select, use, demonstrate and adapt skills to ensure they perform to the best of their ability.
Factors Impacting on Performance
The aim of this unit is to develop Learners knowledge and understanding of factors that impact on performance. Learners will consider the effects of mental, emotional, social and physical factors on performance. They will also develop an understanding of how to plan for, monitor, record and evaluate a programme of work.
Unit Assessment
(assessed on a pass/fail basis)
Performance Skills: Learners are required to perform practically at the appropriate level in two activities.
Factors Impacting on Performance: Learners undertake a task which requires them to identify specific factors that impact on their performance. They then plan, undertake, record and evaluate a development programme to improve their performance.
Course Assessment
Performance: Learners are be assessed by a one off practical performance.
Portfolio (National 5 only): Learners will complete a portfolio task that assess their ability to plan, undertake, record and evaluate a development programme to improve their performance.