Recommended reads - s1/s2

Recommended Reads – s1/s2

Joseph Delanay, Spook’s series (start with Spook’s Apprentice)
-       ‘Not to be read after dark’!
Michael Grant, Gone series (start with Gone)
-       Adults disappear, and teenagers are left with a world with no rules
Charlie Higson, The Enemy series (start with The Enemy)
-      Zombie teenage action thriller!

Anthony Horowitz, Alex Rider series (start with Stormbreaker) Power of Five series (start with Raven’s Gate)
-       Teenage spy/supernatural
Karen McCombie, Ally’s World series and Stella etc series
-       Romantic comedies for teenagers
Robert Muchamore, Cherub series (start with The Recruit)
-       Teenage secret agents
Robert Muchamore, Henderson’s boys series (start with The Escape)
-       Similar series, but set in 1940s
Garth Nix, Keys to the Kingdom series (start with Mister Monday)
-       Fantasy books – one for every day of the week
Liz Rettig, Kelly Ann's Diary series
-      Teenage diary series - very funny and set in Glasgow!
Chris Ryan, Alpha Force series (start with Survival)
-       Teenage SAS type books
Daren Shan, The Demonata series (start with Lord Loss)
-        seriously scary!
If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, then look out for books by Jonathan Meres, Lincoln Peirce, L Pichon, and Jim Smith

Don’t forget non-fiction – everyone loves the Guinness World Records. Biographies and the Horrible Histories series by Terry Deary are popular too.
Have a look here too for suggestions from the Book Trust