S1/2 French

In S1 pupils will develop foreign languages skills already nurtured at a more basic level in Primary School. These skills will allow pupils to understand French through Reading and Listening. Pupils are also taught to produce French through Speaking and Writing. 

We enhance these skills through developing various topics…

In S1 the topics are:
Personal + Social Life
My Ideal House

In S1 + 2 pupils are also encouraged to find out about the customs and culture of France.

In S2 the topics developed are:

Free Time
Daily Routine
HealthFood + Drink

The S1/2 5-14 French course allows your child to progress smoothly into a National Qualifications course in S3/4 which offers the support or challenge he/she requires to ensure that French is a successful learning experience!  

Tips for success in French
Learn Vocabulary well!!
Use LaSaCaWac!!
Check your spelling!!
Learn the rules that make the language work for you! = GRAMMAR
Learn to make longer, more interesting sentences!
Be an active listener to become a fluent speaker!