The S1 Curriculum for Excellence course in Home Economics, engages pupils in a range of active learning activities in both a practical and theoretical context.  Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own and others learning in self and peer assessed activities, allowing them to become successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals.  The S1 course comprises of the following units of work.
Unit 1 - Ready Steady Cook
This unit allows pupils to:
  • identify good personal and kitchen hygiene routines
  • identify safe working practices
  • demonstrate the correct use of the hob, grill and oven
  • identify and use a range of small kitchen equipment
  • understand the various cookery processes
  • carry out basic food preparation techniques

Unit 2 - China and Scotland

This unit is an interdisciplinary unit with Art, RMPS, Maths, Geography and ICT, which allows pupils to bring learning to life and transfer their skills and knowledge across other subject areas.

Unit 3 - Souper Soup Design and Make

This unit allows pupils to:

  • identify the stages of the design process
  • identify and explain key words in a design brief
  • create a new dish which meets a design brief
  • evaluate the dish against the design brief

The unit also allows pupils to engage with a number of literacy experiences and outcomes.

Unit 4 - The Smart Shopper

This unit allows pupils to:

  • identify a range of issues which may affect food choice
  • know how to budget for food
  • understand the influence of advertising
  • explore various foods from around the world