S1 - S3


Broad General Education

All pupils in S1 and S2 will study Geography 


What will you learn about? 
In S1: 
Pupils will study 4 topics by attending Geography classes in 2 rotations lasting 6 weeks each. During these rotation blocks pupils will study Atlas skills, Weather and climate, a comparative study of China and Scotland and an environmental issue - Endangered Species.  This gives a thorough grounding in the skills and knowledge in Geography to build on in future years.
In S2:  
The pupils will continue to attend class through 2 rotation blocks lasting 6 weeks each.  they will study Earth Forces (volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis) and their impact on people and landscapes and Brazil which is a country of contrasts. Pupils will be given homework and assessments to see how they are getting on, and an investigation to do at home at the end of the Earth Forces unit.
By the end of S2 all pupils will have been exposed to all Level 3 and some Level 4 outcomes.
At the end of S2 pupils will continue with 2 of the 3 Social Subjects through options choices.  They will experience Level 4 outcomes in the Social Subject they did not select as part of interdisciplinary leraning.
In S3:
Pupils will continue with their Broad General Education where they will experience more Level 4 outcomes through studying Map Skills, Uran, Trade &Glo balistaion and Coasts.
Throughout S1 - S3 literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing outcomes will be delivered.