Curriculum for Excellence Courses in English
S1/3 Curriculum 

In the English Department the pupils remain in mixed ability classes, apart from one Literacy class for those pupils who need extra support with all skills, but particularly reading and writing. Each pupil is given work that is suitable for his or her level of ability.   
There are displays of the best work from S1/3 pupils in all English classrooms. 
The skills to be developed by all S1/2 pupils can be found listed below: 
  • Functional Writing (e.g. letters, speeches, etc.)
  • Personal Writing (e.g. diary entries, etc.)
  • Imaginative Writing (e.g. poems, stories, dramascripts, etc.)
  • Close Reading
  • Reading for Enjoyment
  • Critical Evaluations (i.e. book reports, etc.)
  • Solo Talk
  • Group Discussion
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Handwriting 
There will be frequent visits to the library where all pupils will be able to take out books for reading at home, in the library and, occasionally, in the classroom.  Pupils will be expected to work hard in the classroom – and fulfil homework tasks – but, occasionally, if the work is done, the attitude is right and the behaviour is good, there will sometimes be the opportunity for light-heartedness and even fun.