S1-S2 Curriculum

The Maths department have devised fully differentiated S1 & S2 courses that promote active learning in order to maximise pupils understanding of the course. We as a department encourage pupils to develop their problem solving skills by regularly taking part in group activities. The courses are designed to ensure clear progression from the end of the 5-14 programme into Standard Grade and National Qualification courses.

During the course pupils take part in stimulating lessons that show the relevance of maths using real-life situations, whilst developing pupils’ ability to work as part of a team as well as enhancing their communication skills.



Assessment will be ongoing throughout S1 & S2 and will take the form of end of unit tests, informal questioning during lessons and homework. 

In S2 most pupils should complete the course achieving level E standard and begin Standard Grade and National Qualifications courses.



Homework is an integral part of the S1 and S2 courses. It allows pupils to consolidate class work and supports learning. Homework is issued regularly within the department.  Every effort should be made by pupils to ensure that any homework is completed on time and to a good standard.

Pupils should be encouraged to revise course work at home whenever possible. 

If you require any other information please feel free to contact us.