The S2 Curriculum for Excellence course in Home Economics builds on the practical and organisational skills learnt in S1.  Pupils will continue to engage in a range of active learning activities in both a practical and theoretical context.  The S2 course comprises of the following units of work:
Unit 1 - Ready Steady Eat
This unit allows pupils to:
  • identify food groups from the Eatwell Plate
  • understand the importance of a balanced diet
  • be aware of current dietary advice
  • make healthy changes to ingredients and recipes
  • demonstrate recipes which meet current dietary advice
  • identify ways of reducing risk of dietary diseases

Unit 2 - Sustainable Earth

This unit is an interdisciplinary unit with Geography in which pupils work collaboratively in groups to create a two course sustainable meal.  They will understand about the ethical issues arising from using sustainable materials in food production.  Numeracy will be addressed in this unit through the calculation of food miles and costing of new sustainable dishes.

Unit 3 - Perfect Pizza Design and Make

This unit is also an interdisciplinary unit with Design and Technology, PE and Maths and enables pupils to apply their learning in a real-life context.  This unit allows pupils to:

  • work collaboratively to evaluate food packaging using a traffic light system
  • carry out nutritional analysis
  • adapt a recipe to make a healthy pizza using knowledge of current dietary advice
  • create a food label using ICT that enables consumers to make informed choices