In Kirkintilloch High School, our ‘two from’ model allows young people to personalise their learning by selecting curricular pathways they wish to explore in more depth.  In addition it provides a breadth of learning across curricular areas.  Courses in S3 prepare pupils for National 4 and 5 courses by developing skills that can be used in fourth year and beyond.

Pupils also take part in cross-curricular projects known as interdisciplinary learning (IDL) where they think about applying what they have learned in different areas, as well as keeping in touch with the content of subjects they have not continued.

“The school has very successfully developed a curriculum which meets the needs of all young people within its local community.”

Education Scotland 2013

Moving forward we are building on our positive work in creating an excellent curriculum, steered by the National Improvement Framework (NIF) to deliver on our twin aims of excellence and equity, improving attainment in our school and creating the conditions for a successful transition into the senior phase and beyond.  


What will young people get in S3?

       A broad general education that includes all experiences and outcomes

        An S3 profile that records all of my achievements from S1 to S3

       Skills for life, learning and work

       Two periods of PE each week

       The  able to choose and specialise in some subjects and still learn in all curricular areas

But they won’t be studying some courses…

       Pupils will select their course pathways and study some areas in more depth.

       This means that they will step away from some courses.

       However, they will have contact with these subjects through our Interdisciplinary Learning (IDL) programmes. Our learners will continue to develop their skills and build their knowledge and thus leaving the curricular pathway in this course open

Our S3 is the right model for Kirkintilloch High School and your child because…

       It offers depth, challenge and pace

       It allows our learners to make choices that suit them

       It widens the curriculum in S3 for the first time

       It provides a solid foundation for learners progressing to National Qualifications in S4