In Kirkintilloch High School, we are committed to ensuring that we meet the needs of all our pupils to enable them to achieve the highest levels of attainment and achievement possible. In turn, we expect our young people to show a strong commitment to their learning and we hope that you, as parents and carers, will continue to work with us in partnership so that we can all share in your child’s successes.  As pupils enter S4 they have the opportunity to gain SQA qualifications at National Qualification courses at National 3, National 4 and National 5 levels.

The level of award at which each pupil achieves depends on the progress made during the course.

The school’s assessment throughout the courses followed is taken into consideration along with the SQA’s assessment and examinations.


Subject Choice
Our broad general education (S1-3) at Kirkintilloch High School is designed to give pupils a breadth of experience and as pupils enter the senior phase they should feel prepared to pick subjects which they feel they will be successful in, best suit their skills, and which allow them the best chances of progression to their future work, training, college or university pathway.
In Kirkintilloch High School, as pupils embark on their senior phase, they will undertake seven courses which will be assessed for certification and which will be offered at two levels of study:
· National 4 (broadly equivalent to current Standard Grade General or Intermediate 1 level)
· National 5 (broadly equivalent to current Standard Grade Credit or Intermediate 2 level)
Pupils who, in the course of their programmes of study are unable to meet the requirements of
National 4, will pursue a qualification at National 3 level (broadly equivalent to Standard Grade
Foundation level).

Period Allocation

All courses have a period allocation of four periods per week. All pupils will follow courses in English and Maths and five other certificated subjects. Furthermore, pupils will follow a core provision of Personal and Social Education (1 period), Religious and Moral Education (1 period) and Physical Education (2 periods).



Full details of how your child will be assessed can be found on the relevant subject pages of this website and in more detail in our course options booklet; however it is worth noting the following general points:
· In all cases, courses consist of units which are assessed internally, as is the Added Value Unit. In addition National 5 level has an external assessment.
· Units for all levels will be assessed by teachers and be graded as pass or fail. For National 5, the external assessment will be administered by SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and be graded A-D.
· Assessments may include a combination of practical work, cases studies, presentations, portfolios, examinations and projects.
· To be awarded a course award, pupils must demonstrate that they meet the requirements of each of the units. As stated above, National 5 has an external course assessment in addition to internal assessments.

The S4 Assessment Schedule that was issued to pupils can be accessed by clicking on the following link: S4 Assessment Schedule. This document gives S4 pupils the details of National 4 and National 5 assessments throughout the year. 

Homework is an integral part of every course and is designed to complement and support pupils’ learning. It will be communicated to you via your child’s student planner which we hope you will consult and check on a daily basis. As pupils have selected subjects to study in greater depth in S4, it is likely that individual homework tasks will be more substantial and require greater time and focus.
It is important that all pupils, irrespective of their levels of attainment at the end of S4, have a range of progression pathways which are appropriate to their learning needs. As your child approaches the end of S4, we will provide you with more specific details of the options available as they continue into S5 or on to a positive destination beyond school.
Further Information and Support
Each department will provide the appropriate information for parents to help you better understand how to best support your child to achieve their best.
The National Parent Forum for Scotland has produced information for parents regarding the national qualifications. These are known as ‘Nationals in a Nutshell’. The link bellow will direct you to these.
National in a Nutshell
(arranged alphabetically, subject by subject for National 4 and National 5)
Pointers for Parents and Pupils: Click Here
SQA National 5 Specimen Papers for every subject with an exam: Click Here
BBC Bitesize revision resources are available in most National 5 subjects: Click here
National 4 and National 5 study guides are available to borrow from the school Library. Please speak with the librarian if you would like to use any of these resources or if you are unable to locate the resource you require.