Courses in the Upper School

In Kirkintilloch High School, pupils and parents are advised as to which subjects are most suitable for each, bearing in mind the results obtained in national examinations in the middle school, the young person’s wishes, the requirements for career qualifications, etc.
In all, we offer a flexible timetable which can normally be expected to meet the needs of young people within the limitations of staffing and accommodation available. Young people are expected to follow a full timetable which offers some width to their experience.
In the upper school, students are offered two types of course - Higher Grades and Intermediate courses. Students may choose to follow a curriculum consisting of combinations of Higher Grade and Intermediate courses. Highers will continue to form the bulk of most students’ curriculum in the upper school. As a general rule pupils will study subjects at Higher Grade if they have gained a Standard Grade 1 or 2 award or an Intermediate 2. A Standard Grade 3 or a pass at Intermediate 1 will be entry for Intermediate 2.
To broaden the range of subjects available, Kirkintilloch High School is linked with Lenzie Academy and St Ninian’s High School. At these neighbouring schools, our pupils can opt for courses which are not available here. (These vary from year to year).
Entry into S5/6
For those pupils who intend to return to S5 and S6 a process in some ways similar to the process for entry into the middle school is carried out. Around March/April pupils are asked to indicate the subjects they wish to study in greater depth. Choice will depend on the suitability of those subjects, in terms of necessary entry qualifications, etc. for intended career and/or entry to University or College.
Parents are invited to make an appointment to meet senior staff to discuss problems.
In an effort to ensure that the correct decisions are taken with regard to course choice, Guidance Teachers begin a programme of Social Education beginning in S3, which involves significant contributions in curricular and vocational guidance by themselves, as well as regular contributions by the Careers Officer and visiting speakers.
Stage 1 December/January
Information is given to parents and young people by
means of a comprehensive course choice booklet
which gives details of courses, careers, contacts and
finance relevant to young people who are aged 16
and over. This information is added to by parents’
meetings and pupil/staff interviews.
Stage 2 February/March
A Course Planner is issued to each young person and
after consultation with all those involved, (young
people, staff, parents etc.) a preliminary choice is
Stage 3 May/June
The SQA Examinations are held and once the young
people return to school in June, they immediately
begin their entry into S5/S6.
Stage 4 August
Results of external examinations are not published
until early August. There will be amendments to
provisional course choices following the publication
of the results.