Melissa Higher Design

S5 Higher and Intermediate 2 Art and Design

The Higher and Int 2 Art and Design Course consists of three units of work. These are as follows:-

  • Design unit – All pupils work through the design process in response to a design brief. Pupils are encouraged to research, investigate and analyse their theme, client and market, before developing ideas for their product through decision making and problem solving.  They then select their most successful design idea to create their final solution. Pupils must also evaluate their design and determine how it might be improved further. 

  •   Emma Higher Design


  • Expressive Unit – The Expressive unit allows all pupils to develop their observational drawing skills, through the selection of the subject matter, exploration of composition, materials and techniques, and the creation of a final piece.  

Ailsa_Higher Expressive

Both of these units are externally assessed by a practical folio

which is sent to SQA in May.  

  • Art & Design Studies – All pupils cover this one period per week and explore the work of both artists and designers.  They research their work, analyse their techniques and approaches, developing justified personal opinions of their work.  


This unit is externally assessed by a written exam set by SQA during the exam diet.  Pupils are required to write about two artists and designers, as well as analysing an unseen image of both art and design.